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My hosting provider just sent out an email saying that it will end support for MS FrontPage extensions. My original site was built in FrontPage ages ago (mainly brochureware) and frankly, I've forgotten how to code. I'm wondering if it is possible to import my web site into CC HTML Editor and convert it so that the FrontPage code goes away. The site is vary basic and really should be rebuilt, but I have neither the time nor funds to do so right now. I am open to any thoughts the community might have. Site is Thanks.
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Wow you really need to redo that site, no offense meant at all Stephen, but that site really looks bad and the way it's setup with everything down the left side is nasty. That's on top of the so old code that it's still laid out with tables which hasn't been used for positioning for many years (other than emails of course :P ). I would really consider redoing it if I were you. I can see an aweful lot of work in store though with all the dozens of pages you have with all your article links, but truth be told once you have one article page setup the rest will be easy just copy the page, rename it and put in the other article information.

There are so many things that could be done with that site though, and I do understand the lack of coding does make a big problem. I would really suggest you find out what's on your site that would be affected by the discontinuation of the support for the FP extensions. Maybe it's something very simple to adjust rather than redoing it? I would still suggest you redo it if anything just to make it more appealing which right now it definitely is not. Just being honest and telling you my thoughts on it. Good luck on it and if you do decide you need someone to work on it for you just give me a holler and I'll be glad to give it a go at redoing it with a simple look and style. Just wouldn't be free is all :)
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I agree with Jo Ann.


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