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Hi, I'm new to this forum.
First, I'd like to wish everyone a safe passage through these troubled times.

I would be extremely grateful if anybody here can help me to edit/format the body of text on my website.
Currently, the sentences are very long and run all the way across the page.
The text is currently not justified. I've had feedback indicating that this makes for difficult reading.

Ideally, I'd like the text to have equal margins to the left and right and be justified.
I contacted Coffee Cup Support Room and they replied quite promptly with this report:

"Looks like your text all share the same class name 'roadtogoa'. You could apply Type
class formatting in the CSS markup to that class name to change the formatting all at once".

Though I am capable of writing pages of text in HTML and uploading it to my server, that is as far as my knowledge extends and I have absolutely no idea how to carry out the above recommendations.
When I put this site together, I copied some lines of code from my other website - roadtogoa.
My situation isn't helped by my friend, who knew all the answers, suddenly passing away.

Can anyone help, please. Many thanks. Jonathan.
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Hi Jonathan, you are saying that you are able to write HTML. By the sound of it, you don't know any CSS if I've understood you correctly. With CSS you would be formatting your pages by giving them a width, text size, margins, padding, positioning and a whole lot more.

You could open the File menu in the HTML Editor and then select New from Template/Layout. The Layouts are simple page layouts with dummy text, but they have the body divided into two or three columns, which will help to make the lines of text shorter. The templates are more like themes, where the various elements fit well together. If you choose a template, do select one among the Responsive templates.

I hope this helps, but if you want to continue writing code, you really should learn CSS, as you will then be able to alter existing layouts or templates yourself. is a good place to start.
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