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Trying (again) to use CC HTML Editor which I paid for years ago but have yet to use to actually write a single published page. Really, I WANT CC HTML Editor to be useful, but it seems we just can't get along despite my best efforts, which is odd cuz I'm really cute and cuddly.

So, I recently updated to the latest version (downloaded today) and tried to set it up to use SFTP with my server. Periodically I get "301:interrupted" messages in the editor when trying to view the server side list of files... and the only way I've found to get rid of it is to completely close and restart the program. Closing the project doesn't help, it's like it's stuck "failing" and never actually tries again. This happened the last time I tried to use the CC HTML Editor a few months ago but I just gave up.

I have no problem using other programs like WinSCP to connect to the same server -- I've had SSH/SFTP sessions open for days at a time using WinSCP and other SSH-based connections, but CC seems to choke for some reason. I'd LIKE to use an editor like CC to ease standards compliance and development consistency but every time I try CC for a few days I end up frustrated and go back to WinSCP and even vi.

Thoughts? Thanks.

Some help here?
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Any response? I am now having the same problem. .:(

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