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Dear support,

I read the previous answers of the users of my prevous post but for me it's not to clear when you use subgrids vs containers?

I created a simple website with just text, a menu, pictures, forms, and a picture slider.
I'd like to show on this webiste smartphone, tablet and PC

What can I use best?
1) containers or subgrids
2) there subgrids in containers

Kibd regards
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I don't know which is your previous post, as I've been away for a couple of days.

What exactly do you mean by this: "I'd like to show on this webiste smartphone, tablet and PC"? Do you mean you want to have the site adapt to those screen sizes?
If that is the case, no containers or subgrids are necessary just for that. It depends on the content of your site whether you need them or not.
Use containers if you want to add e.g. a form, a video or some code etc.
Use subgrids if you want to split up part of the page in more rows than the rest of the page. (If you are familiar with the old-fashioned styling html tables and nested tables, it is a bit like that)
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