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Hello there, I have used RSD for some time now and was lucky to get a beta for Foundation Framer.
How do I actually add something like an accordion etc ?
I am used to add Elements in RSD and then set the class, is the process different for foundation classes /
what element do I need to add in order to use an accordion, for example.
By the way, my component list is sort of empty, I read a post describing long list of prebuild components, maybe thats where the problem is ? Sorry if I overlooked something :/
Thanks, Oliver
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More components (and variations) are on the way but adding an accordion is just a matter of going to the Contents pane (it's the 2nd tab on the right) and clicking on Components. There. just add the component you need, in this case it's probably called 'Simple accordion'.

Hope this helps!
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Thanks, I had to choose : Blank with components for starting the project, then the simple accordion is there ... Thanks, Oliver

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