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I have opened a New Project with widgets and moved my mouse to the dropdown list that chooses grid, column etc.
On initial opening of the new page this dropdown looked fixed, but as soon as I make a selection from the dropdown list the dropdown box disappears, then reappears, then repeats as I move the mouse around.
I find this most disconcerting as I am visually impaired. If this is the intended action for the dropdown list then it is very distracting. If it is a bug like I hope it is, can you fix it so it remains in place rather than acting as the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland.
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That is actually how it is supposed to work Julian. After you make a selection, we remove the drop down so that you can begin working on what you just selected. Having it continuously visible would make it harder to work with the element that you just selected.

A good example of why this needs to be done would be to add an element with a relatively small width. If the drop down were to stay, you would not be able to select the element itself as the drop down would cover it and make any style adjustments impossible.

This process follows the same workflow as our other responsive apps, RSD, RLM, and RED. What might work better for you instead is to navigate around using the Inspector pane.
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