How to position containes into...

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That's the attachment
howto_position_containers_in_cols.jpg (168.63 KB)
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Sorry I meant Inger uses 2 rows not 4
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Oh, I see. Yes, I guess 4 rows with the necessary number of columns should be ok.

You have asked more or less the same questions before, regarding RLM(P), RSD and now RFF. If I may suggest something: Choose one of those programmes and learn it thoroughly. Then, if you like, you can move on to another programme.
Especially RSD and RFF, in which you can build your complete site, attack the job from different angles. With RFF you start from small and widen the viewport as you go, and in RSD most people, AFAIK, start from the wide end and narrow the viewport. Find out which way you are more comfortable with, and stick to that as long as you are learning.

CC has flung all those responsive site building programmes at us, you see, and there is more than one here who is a bit more than just a tad confused ;) But I assure you, if you stick to one programme at a time, it will get better by and by.
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