Bugs in 439

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At least one previously fixed bug is back in 439:

Symbols are not linking/functioning correctly:

I made a change to symbol on one page and the software 'forgot' it was a symbol so changes were not linked to other instances. So I have recreated symbol added to another page, still showing as one instance, not highlighted with orange border in second instance.

Other bugs, both appear to related to link text only:

1. When editing text normally to highlight all Ctrl+A no longer works if the cursor is at the start of the text, it now has to be somewhere in the text or at the end.
2. You can no longer format individual words or letters within the link, it all has to have the same formatting.

Have reported to Coffee Cup. I can't work with the software as it is, especially with the symbol issue, so back to the previous version until sorted :(

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