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Although I have SD I have kept an important legacy website running on RFF Version 2.5 Build 511. I have had no trouble updating this website until yesterday. I was working on V#15 of the project. I of course, have back ups of previous versions but 15 had had a number changes that took several hours to complete. Each change that was made to any of the different pages was saved before working on the next page. It was saved each time to the same #15 version. There was one time the program crashed but it did recover and I was able to proceed and it displayed ok on Preview.

However, on my last modification, I successfully saved the project, only upon opening it this morning to find the whole file is corrupted. None of the images are appearing but the picture links are all valid in the inspector file or design. See a screenshot of a RFF page and another screenshot of the actual website to show what it looks like.

Is there any way I can retrieve the FTP Export file and put it back into RFF? Or any other suggestions except to go back to a saved version #14 and redo hours of changes? Thanks
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Well, here you experience why sticking with old versions of an app is no good idea. Those of us who might be able to help will have updated to the newest SD already, and although I might have been able to open your file and fix whatever has gone wrong, you would never be able to open a file that I then would return to you, in RFF.

As far as I can see, you have the following options:
1. Make a copy of the corrupted file and open it in SD. Also, open the original one in RFF. Then compare them. If you are able to spot the error(s) in SD, try repairing them in SD and then replicate the repairs in RFF. It may work - or not.
2. Open your latest working file in SD and bite the bullet of making your latest changes again. Then continue using SD from now on.
Something that is not an option, is sending the problem to CC support. They would just ask you to use their newest update.

From the attachments you sent it looks like the path to the images are wrong. That is all I can conclude from mere images of a problem. But sending images is not the best way to ask for help, they don't show us any code. Besides, it may also be that changes to Windows can cause problems if old programs are being used.
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