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A 550 error is not in DFTP. It is a server response. "The 550 error code is a result of insufficient account privileges on the remote FTP server." In other words, the folder that you are trying to access doesn't exist or you do not have the correct server permissions to copy over the files you are trying to transfer.

1. Is your problem that you cannot connect to the server?
2. Or is it that when you try to transfer a file that it gives you the error?
3. Or is it that you are trying to change to a different folder when it gives the error?

If #2 or #3 is the case, try this.

Right click on the folder and/or file(s), choose "Change Permissions." Make sure that (a) read, write and execute are set for the owner and (b) read and execute are set for users. (See attached)

If #1 is the case, the error indicates DFTP can't see the folder. Each FTP login on GoDaddy points to a specific folder in your account. Check your FTP users in your GoDaddy admin panel. Make sure that the folder specified for the login you are using access actually exists in the same place as the FTP user setting specifies. For example,

If these are your settings:

username: jonely
access level: /ccsc

But on the server your folder structure is:


Then DFP is looking for /ccsc and can't see it because /ccsc is actually in /store. You would need to go to the /store directory (folder) and create ccsc within that folder for DFTP to be able to connect using the login "jonely".

On the other hand, if you are trying to connect to the root folder, something I found that works sometimes is to use the domain name for the server address instead of the IP or vice versa. If that's not the issue, I'd think that something is wrong with your root directory on GoDaddy and you should have them check your FTP login settings in the admin and make sure they everything is not only set correctly but that the login points to an existing root directory.
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