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I agree on the double click as that's how I am used to doing it. It is irritating to have to drag and drop all the time. :P
CoffeeCup... Yeah, they are the best!

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Any thoughts on being able to double click a file and have it transfer over? Possible feature in the future?

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I'd have to agree here too, the double click action would be nice if it were actually something we could have a choice of what it should do like many of the other ftp programs do. There's a few programs that I've used widely over the years and they all have a setup where you can choose what each type of action does such as:
double click
drag & drop

then it would give you a choice of things you'd like it to do such as:

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New registered user of Direct FTP, here. I've been using Filezilla and one thing I liked that it does that DirectFTP doesn't (or I've yet to discover is syncing folders. If I move through from a folder on the server, it also moves to the folder on the computer, or vise-versa. Makes it easy to keep track of where I am and not have to move through two folders.

Am I missing something?

I have discovered the Combo bookmarks which is very convenient.


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That would drive me crazy and would have to disable that pronto as it would not be practical for my use.
CoffeeCup... Yeah, they are the best!

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I have a small traveling computer. Some of the pop-up boxes like My-Servers/More Options don't have a minimize and maximize button. Therefore, I can't get to the bottom of the box. Even when I move the box as high as I can get it, there is stuff on the bottom that I cannot access on the small netbook. It would be nice to have the maximize and minimize functions available for ALL windows. Thanks.

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Good call there Lorraine, I too was going to suggest this as I just recently got a netbook and over the holiday weekend I experienced this with quite a few programs. DFTP is definitely one of the main ones since that's how I've been getting things from my main computer to my netbook.

Another really big suggestion I wanted to make was to make the bottom part with the 3 different views smaller so it can be pushed down farther. I've been going to ask about this for years, but the netbook really made me have to ask because the area where the files show up is so small you can only see a few of them max. I would love to see where we have smaller icons for each of the different views at the bottom.

Another REALLY big thing I'd like to see is the ability to see only the view you want yet still see all the stuff you would in that view. My main view is of course Activity, but if I try to change it to just activity, which is what I'd love to do always instead of having the other 3 open at all, it doesn't show me all the files in the transfer list like it does when I have all 3 views opened. This is kind of a strange setup to me as you'd think that having only a specific view would still show the same information for that view, just not show the other 2.

These would all make the netbook experience way better, but the view issues would help all types of computers not just the netbook.

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Hello, i just purchased DirectFTP after trying it for 1 day. I have a feature request which i hope will come soon: the ability to resume the queue if you close the program.

Is that feature coming any time soon?

Thank you.

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PLEASE - PLEASE Respond in the next update to the requests for some sort of backup of the entries in CC_FTP. Many backup programs will not allow for just backing a single file (the .ccs) but insist on a folder. Backing up the entire User/Roaming file makes no sense. I have daily backup.
I redo my computer about every 6 months and have to try to remember to go into the User areas and extract the .ccs file.
This is not right in this day and age when a backup thingy would be so simple to include. OR put the .ccs file in folder - would work for me.
Sinecure Bob

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Sinecure Bob, what program are you talking about? The FTP programs don't have any backup for any css file necessary :P Let us know and we'll see that your post is moved to the correct location :)

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