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When I move through the folders on the remote site, I'm not seeing the local side changing to stay in sync?

Once I set the starting directories for both sides, the software should keep both sides in directory sync while moving around.

I was just about to purchase this software, but can't without that feature. Too much of a hassle to be changing both sides when files can be located very deep within directory structures.

Is this anything that can/will be added before my free trial is up? If so, I'll purchase immediately upon seeing it.

I'm already looking for another FTP program, so a timely reply would be nice.

Thank you.
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As long as I've been using DFTP, for 10+ years, I have always been able to make so-called 'combo bookmarks' which I guess you mean. Just locate the local folder and the remote server that you want to 'pair' and click on the icon which looks like a book. Give the bookmark a name, and there you go.

But I don't think the folders will stay synced if you start moving about on the local or remote side. Not everyone has the same folder structure on both sides anyway.
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