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Thanks Bill, it will be interesting to see what the new features are.

I wasn't talking so much about FXP (File eXchange Protocol) which is site to site transfer, although I do quite a bit of that when I'm working on sites that allow it. If you work on multiple sites and have large files you want to duplicate on another site for whatever reason, FXP is generally a much faster transfer and doesn't require you to download from one and then upload to the other. Saves a step.

What I was saying above, though, is that I often do quite a bit of live editing on a site. Since I have a number of similar sites (or client sites), I sometimes like to duplicate a modification I've made on some of the other sites. The easiest and fastest way to do that is to open another site (in addition to the site I'm working on), open the file on the other site, and simply copy code from the file I just modified to the corresponding file on the second site using copy/paste. Tab between sites, tab between files.

CuteFTP does that better than anything else out there right now, but I'd like to use DFTP instead. I use FXP less often so it isn't as important. Hope that helps explain, or at least doesn't confuse... :)
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Thanks for the explanation.

Since you do live editing, Direct FTP would be a good fit for you. The editing function has been enhanced in the upcoming version.

I will pass on the desire for site to site transfer to the developers.
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Thanks Bill, appreciate it. It's not so much the site-to-site transfers, though, as much as the ability to open multiple sites at the same time while editing multiple files at the same time from those sites.

Most people will likely not need that functionality for websites, but often use it in Word or other applications. A person might open a document in one folder on their hard drive, and also open a document from a different folder on their hard drive, then copy and paste text between the two. That's basically what I do except on different sites rather than different local folders.

I really like the HTML/PHP editor in DFTP, it works really well and has a lot of good features. This ability is the only feature missing for me. Hopefully CC will look at it in upcoming versions.

Thanks again...

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