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A 530 error means the login (username/password) is incorrect. Here are a few things that have helped me with FTP in the past. (This assumes you have full access to the GoDaddy account.)

1. In DFTP, make sure:
-- the box for "Passive mode" is checked.
-- Port is set to 21

2. In DFTP, make sure the server name is correct. You should be able to use your domain name, but you can also use the IP address. By using the IP address, it rules out problems should your domain name not resolve properly. You can get the IP address of your site from your GD control panel.

3. While you are in the GD Control Panel, check to make sure you are using the correct username. There have been many times I was off by one capital or lowercase or missed a letter.

4. If DFTP still doesn't work, reset the password back in the GD control panel.

By the time I complete #4 above, FTP almost always connects. If not, I'd contact GoDaddy and see if there are any issues with the connection. Their support staff have always been helpful to me.
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Well, I always used to connect to GoDaddy through DFTP. The computer is now Win 10, I have a new router, and Fios is now Frontier. I get this message "Sorry, the action you are trying to complete has timed out. [28] Additional information: server response timeout." when I try to connect now.
I have V6.9 build 2015, passive mode, deleted/re-added the server, tried caps for the server name, tried DNS numbers, reset GoDaddy password, and using CMD it says 'connected' and then 'connection closed by remote host.'
Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks

I tried HTML Editor, times out, and I tried another website and get the same response.

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