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i just hosted my site --
and when i go to it, it shows me tutorials on how to update it with an html file. I have the html file....... when i open up coffeetime free ftp software, i made my server, then i hit connect.

5 hours later: connecting................

if i turn on passive time, it says incorrect account or password,
although it's not! even though i selected remember password, how could it be incorrect!

please help me, this is my first site im confused.
for unbound studios.


-its urgent-
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From what I know of ftp software, if you enter the user name and passwords correctly, and some of them want to know your home directory as well, if that's all correct, then ftp should open for transfer in seconds, not hours.
Verify your user name, be caREfuLL of CaPs because they matter.
Verify your password, Be caREfuLL of CaPs because they matter.
Have a look at the email that your host sent you. They most likely told you what your host directory would be...something like public_html

Also...when did you sign up for the hosting plan? It can take up to 72 hours (not usually, but it can) for the domain name to work with the hosting site. Your instructions would most likely have included an IP address or other link so you could start to upload your site.

Don't wait 5 hours for it to connect. If you typed the info wrong the very first time, and told it to "remember your password", then it will be wrong every time.
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