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I decided to use VSD this time out partly in being lazy about writing all the code myself. It's been a while....

However there are a couple of things I want to do that I can't find a way to do within VSD. Is the simplest way to view all the page code just to use HTML editor or is there a feature within VSD that will display it?

Those things are to assign percentages to certain parts of the pages, i.e. the navigation to always be in the left 20%.
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Hi Pamela,

There is no way to view the code within vsd an html editor is the only way. There is no assigned percentage in vsd... I assume you are talking about a specific theme. Which theme are you working with?
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Preview your VSD page in the browser and then right-click on an empty area and choose 'view source' to see the code.;)
For custom code, use VSD's add HTML tool. You'll be able to see your added code when you preview the page as above.
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