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Hiya Stefanie,
I'd say nice site, and it kind of is, but making only the entry page with VSD doesn't really make it a VSD site. :P I do like it though, and it's neat stuff you have on it :) Maybe you'll work more in as you go I'm hoping.

As for the favicon, I use this site and a few others here and there but this is a pretty good one for making favicons for you:

Most of the favicon sites will generate the code for you too which you then put in the Head area of your website page(s) (need it in each page you want it included in, you'll need to work out how to do that with Blog site and Etsy on your own sorry, I don't have that info), then upload the image to the location you have it pointing to in the code and that's it :) Have fun :)
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Hiya Ed,

Although I wasn't going to even look as the first thing that came to my mind when I saw your site is... oh god another cash for gold scammer... but... I attempted to move past that and looked at the site lol, and although I may still think that way a bit I wanted to say you did a great job on the site and a great job of integrating the site with VSD and the Shopping Cart Creator and putting the 2 together. Looks good, well done :P
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Hiya Van,

Your site needs a bit of work yet I think as far as margins and paddings for the sides of th site so they are centered better and have space from the left end mostly where the text is right on the edge.

Some of your buttons don't really look like a button such as on the menu the Fairness button doesn't really look like a button, just looks like a word on the line there. Might want to clarify that a bit so it looks more like it belongs to the buttons on the menu.

Mostly though your site is very dark and dingie looking. Poor color choice I think mostly. The overall look is good for what you're doing, I think maybe just do something so it doesn't look so dreary looking and overcast looking, dull colored etc. Hope I'm conveying that so you know what I mean lol.

I would also suggest you have the form for signing up open in a new window so that people don't end up leaving your site if you want them to be staying on it.

That's bout all I can see at the moment, hope that helps :)
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Hiya MJ (think I'm getting caught up here now lol)

I have a few comments for your sites, but I must say for the most part I really do like them, very nice job and definitely shows what can be done with VSD, it's definitely a well rounded program. So here goes:
This one is really well done, I'm wondering, do you plan to make a shop for them with the SCC Pro program? You should consider it, people being able to purchase online may make a world of difference in their sales. Just a thought :) Other than that, I didn't see anything really needing fixing here.
This one has a few things that I just find different from the norm. The first one would be on your Attractions page. Usually you find linked items in colored text, and words and phrases with no links in them in black. On this page you have it the other way around which was a bit strange and just seems backwards. Not really a "wrong" thing, just diff from the norm. Also it's different from your other pages such as the Testimonials, although they have links in the headings for each one, they are colored text not black.

The other thing that was a little overdone were the Arrows on the front page each having a link to the home page that you are on. I'm not sure if that was intended, but it's... weird and overkill for a link I think.
Other than that, this site looks pretty good too :)
The main thing I see here is your news and events taking people to Facebook is ... nasty LOL. Not sure if others like that, but I hate it when sites take me to places outside of their website for something I think should be on the website itself. Not that I don't like Facebook (really don't care one way or the other about it), but that is a misleading link as that's not news and events and to be honest it's not a very good way to make your visitors find events and news when a site gets full of comments and such from others all over the place like Facebook does. People could end up searching Facebook all over the place just to find your News and Events that they expected to be on your site.
Just my opinion on this, and others may not agree so that's ok lol.
That's about the only thing I saw on this site that I felt needed a comment.

Other than that, the only other thing I'd suggest is to take your email addresses off the site as copyable and searchable by bots. The best way is to create an image with the info on it and that way bots can't spider that and spam your emails or your clients with garbage, and they surly will without a doubt.

Great job on the sites, keep up the good work, and don't take my comments to heart if you don't agree, they are mostly just what I think :)

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Jo Ann wrote:
Hiya MJ (think I'm getting caught up here now lol)

I have a few comments for your sites, but I must say for the most part I really do like them, very nice job and definitely shows what can be done with VSD, it's definitely a well rounded program. So here goes:

Hi Jo Ann, WOW lol that was a long one.......thanks so much for the comments and I'll keep in mind the suggestions you have and make the necessary changes. I appreciate you taking the time to have a look at my sites and make suggestions. Thanks again.
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Hi all,

I have been using VSD for a few years now. Here are a few of my websites.

They are in chronological order with the second being a continual work in progress and the last one I am still working the bugs out of.

Let me know what you think.

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All nice sites. The center text portion on all is a bit skinny, but that's looking at them on a 19" widescreen. Found a few pages that have too much blank space on the bottom, and got lost on the Boyer Personnel site for lack of a home page link.
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Here is another of our work.

Quick Biz Websites
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Nice little site BC. Pleased to see that you have kept it simple, in context and effective.
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Here is my website I built for my company. I was totally web building unsaavy. I am now working on a few others as well. I really like the CC VSD as it enables us neophytes the oppurtunity to design or own site without having to make a carrer choice of it. The people on the forum rock! The most helpful users around. That is probably the aspect of CC I appreciate most. Great customer service too.

Critiques welcomed.
Member of the lumpen proletariat. Another cog in the wheel. Possibly a major pain in the ass soon.

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