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That's odd. I've done all that but still doesn't work in Chrome (latest version, java scripts enabled and not blocked. First photo shows up large, the rest reduced down to thumbnails. I'm running a survey of my friends to see if it works for most of them... It's a frequently used page and it must work.
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Tried it on another computer in Chrome, seems to work fine. I've uninstalled Chrome on my laptop, reinstalled, emptied cache, run CCleaner disabled all add ons... still doesn't render correctly. Very odd indeed.
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It may be something else in your video setup on that laptop with chrome. Works fine on mine. Latest version of Chrome, Win7, nvidia graphics. Looks great.
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Reinstalled Chrome again and it seems fine now... all I can say is it's Microsoft. :-)
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wowzer, I worked thru almost all my problems by reading this thread:lol:... as I know "no" html at, on my photo slide show.... i'm not seeing the thumbnails as I assumed a thumbnails should be... though the names are in place and when clicked on the link goes to the larger is a thumbnail a pic or just a place holder? is the site, gallery is the page in the attached picture showing the thumbnails.
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oops... it's "shadowbox" from the grower's site.... good instructional stuff!
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Repaste your script into your header html. There were extra spaces in the code.
<script type="text/javascript" src="shadowbox/shadowbox.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
counterType: "skip",
slideshowDelay: 5

Also make sure your files are uploaded to the proper location. These links will work when you do.
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