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I have looked through the forums for a solution but no other posts seemed to tackle my issue.

If you look at my site you will see that all the images are wonky (best way I can describe really). Images are where are are not supposed to be and most wont load properly at all.

I have been using another ftp (core) to upload my site, and it has worked fine until now. I have had this issue before with v.5. I am going to upload in VSD as this has helped before but I find it cumbersome and slow.


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I am showing that your images were not uploaded correctly. is not found on your server. I would try reuploading the images again.
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Looks good to me.:) I think people are so impatient these days. I've seen this numerous times where the VSD user says that it uploads to slow then will want help figuring out why their site isn't displaying correctly after using an external ftp. It uploads just as fast as any other ftp but for the average Joe's that don't know how to keep track of their files and which ones to ftp, let VSD do the grunt work. VSD has to check for changes on your pc compared to your site and this is what slows down the process. I bet VSD can compare files faster then we could do it manually. My site on S-Drive now has over a 120 pages and if I'm at work on my slower wireless connection, I will hit the publish button and then go do something else while it uploads. I have used an external ftp for my site but very rarely and only after making sure I had accounted for every file. Ultimately it can be a pain in the you know what.:lol: Glad you got it working.:)
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