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While trying to put images into the animator I keep getting the "List Index out of Bounds" fault message. Sometimes when I restart I can get them to load just fine other times not at all. What does that message mean? Do I need to format the graphics in a different way? I use this program a lot and am getting this message more and more frequently.

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Hi, I contacted the CC staff and learnt that Animation Studio has been discontinued and will not be supported any more. But I got the reply that I'm quoting below, so that you can try it. Apart from that, I won't be able to help any further.


The error mentioned means the app is installed on under a non-admin or limited user account. This is unsupported due to the way we store the support files in the users APPDATA folder.
There are 2 things you can try:
1. Give full permissions on the main user account to this folder: C:\Users[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\CoffeeCup Software
2. Try and copy that folder to each users account
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