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This app makes photos come alive [come check it out!]

Sent Nov 2, 2012
Wait—is that picture alive?

Or is it just us?

Nope, that’s a living picture, all right. It’s called a cinemagraphic, and it’s in the upcoming Animation Studio release.

These cool animations are like GIFs made from video, but with a twist: You animate selected portions of the image.

Use the coupon ALIVE at checkout and you can get a big discount on Animation Studio and anything else in our store. Be the first to make a living photo!

Check out Animation Studio »
These images leave a lasting impression on visitors and make your site stand out. People will talk about you, link to you, and remember you. Use them to draw attention to specific sections or highlight products. And if you design for others, living photos will help you secure the project — at the premium price!

Use that coupon code and get Animation Studio now—or one of these fine products:
The Super Pack
For Windows
Our 29 best apps in one giant bundle. Make unlimited websites, shops, forms, photo galleries, and dozens of other awesome stuff. Use the coupon and save almost $950. No, really!
Web Form Builder
For Windows and OS X
It’s so easy it’s scary. Choose from 24 elements, drag them into place, and publish with one click. Saves you from coding HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and all that other complicated stuff.
HTML Editor
For Windows
Code like a champ with a workspace built for you. Helper tools keep you from getting tangled up. Live preview shows what you’re creating. It’s an app that has lead the pack for years.
Web Editor
For OS X
We pushed the limits with our OS X code editor. Side-by-side editing panes and live preview are a trifecta to reckon with. Click HTML or CSS code and watch it light up in the preview.
Halloween Graphics
On clearance!
Help us get these spooky graphics outta here! The coupon doesn’t work on them, but that’s okay because they’re 50% off. Get ’em now and you’ll be ready with them next year.
Holiday Graphics
Jolly Winter cheer
Everyone wants a festive website! You get 95 total images: 45 animations and 50 wallpapers. Start decorating your site tomorrow so there’s plenty of time to shop!
Excited to bring your own images to life? Get Animation Studio now and be one of the first to do it when version 2.2 comes out. (Don’t forget to use your ’ALIVE’ coupon!)