Create Responsive Slideshows and Presentations

Direct from the CoffeeCup labs is Responsive Content Slider. This app gives you the ability to combine pictures, text, buttons, icons and more to provide a customized, visual experience for your viewers.

Check out the app here:

Content Sliders are the new hipsters

Built with content blocks (HTML elements) and designed with styles (CSS), Content Sliders are very different from ‘Photo Sliders’. Most of us are mainly familiar with (old fashioned) photo sliders. Text, buttons and most other parts of the message are added to the image with a graphical editor. There is no control over the message for smaller screens; the images simply shrink and the text, buttons or picture panoramas that looked so great on a wide screen, become indecipherably small.

With a content slider on the other hand, all elements that make up the message are added on a canvas right within the app. And because RCS is responsive, every element, including any added pictures, can be controlled in granular detail for any screen size. There are other advantages too. The content is now accessible by screen readers and indexable by search engines. Also, you can make use of interactive CSS effects such as hover and (later) animations. After all, your site is not a big image (and for good reason), so why would your slides be?

Responsive Site Designer and Content Slider Make a Perfect Team!

RSD makes awesome websites, while RCS designs stellar slideshows. Their visual workflows, powerful, intuitive design controls plus their ability to adapt the design to the viewer’s screen size, make them a massive hit. Combine these code-free apps together for a truly impressive, device-friendly web presence.