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Responsive Email Designer

3-ways RED can make you money

A simple Google search will reveal this: email marketing is the #1 most profitable marketing activity. By far. Reported returns on investment are often exceeding 1,000’s (thousands) of a percent. RED is the one app that allows everybody to capitalize on this huge opportunity by:

device agnostic
1. Greatly improving existing email marketing activities

RED creates emails that look good on any device or email client. On top of that this unique app features controls that improve the experience for readers with modern email clients such as the mail app on the iPhone and iPad. Ready for double-digit growth on opens, clicks and revenues?

start email marketing
2. Adding email marketing to the marketing and sales mix.

If you or your company are not doing any email or newsletter marketing activities, you’re missing out. Big time. With the easy drag-n-drop interface, intuitive text editor, and responsive tools there was never a better time to get started. RED makes newsletters, invoices, sale alerts and more.

make money
3. Creating or designing responsive emails and newsletters for others.

Many design agencies shy away from doing newsletter coding and design. The reason is simple: display inconsistencies between email clients make this type of work utterly complex and time-consuming. But not with RED! Add email design to your existing services or even start an entire business, this app will carry a big part of the load.

Indeed, the opportunity is yours...

Improve open and click rates. Generate new or more revenue creating or using mobile-friendly emails and newsletters.

RED is making quite a SPLASH!

Never before did we release an app that created such a stir. We’ve been contacted by numerous companies, big and small, about partnerships and integrations. Thousands are already benefiting from using RED, most in combination with their existing email sending service. (Yes, RED emails are easily exported and used in Campaign Monitor, MailChimp et al.)

So, what’s the deal on those three versions? Glad you asked. RED for Business is a beast. Yet, despite the massive design powers, it is easy to tame by companies and the skillful. RED Personal focuses on a core set of design features and is great for beginners. RED Mailer offers the same features as the Personal version but includes cool image management for only $9/mo (after 7 day trial). Get the details on these versions with the freshly added feature chart.

Time to impress those mobile readers.