How-to's and Tutorials:

With Responsive Layout Maker (RLM) not only can you create a wireframe/prototype, you can also export and create a responsive website from the generated files. Here we have put together a few "tips and tricks" on how to make the most out of RLM. From design tips and customization to adding your own content, we got you covered.


Missing some settings?

This is because Responsive Layout Maker Pro was used for the creation of this article. One or more of the settings used here might not be available in Responsive Layout Maker. For the most part however, you can continue through the article adjusting the settings that are available to you.

Online Resources:

We would like to give a shoutout to all those individuals that really have put a lot of time and resources into responsive design over the years. Their hard work and dedication is just outstanding! If you want to learn more on responsive web design, here is a great place to start.