You want your website to grab attention. To be flashy. To move. Getting people to notice your webpages is the first step toward success on the ’Net. With cool animated images built in Animation Studio, you can have custom images that tell your story—in motion. Just load up your frames, fine-tune the speed, and put ’em on the web. Now your page is truly moving.

What is Animation Studio?

Make still images come to life by selectively animating portions of a photo. All you need is a stable video and some creativity! A wizard walks you through all the steps so you can create jaw-dropping animations fast. Adjust brightness and colors, crop the video, and use frame tools to make flawless loops. Living Pictures make your site more interesting and keep visitors coming back. These unique unreal photos are so fun that people are likely to share your website with everyone they know.


Chapter 4: The Toolbar

Chapter 5: The Frames Tab

Chapter 6: The Edit Tab

Chapter 8: Living Pictures

Chapter 10: Exporting

Chapter 11: Preferences

Chapter 13: Keyboard Shortcuts