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I currently have an e-commerce site built in Wordpress but it's not great so I'm looking at other alternative. Does anyone have an example of an ecommerce site that have using CoffeeCup? I would rather see a live version than a demo.

Thanks in advance.

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Take a look at our SWAG shop over at for a nice example.
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Thanks for that, I'll have a look.
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I've had a look at the link you sent me and wanted to know how feasible it is to move from my current site to using the software. I've got a friend who uses CoffeeCup as their site and functionality wise it's great but the look is not as I would want it. I've got a site up an running already so want to use the HTML and CSS they I have already created but integrate it into CoffeeCup, is that possible? As it's Wordpress it's not a case of having HTML files but the HTML is integrated in the PHP files?

Hope this makes sense :)
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how about posting a link to your present shop for us to look at

also in my signature is my live site created with SCC & SCD Pro

Home pages are Visual Site Designer with a link between, which may be what you need if you plan using your present pages with a new shopping cart system

I tried quite a few different carts over last 4 years I find SCC pro to be the easiest i have ever found to use

lots of help here in forums as well

This link goes direct to SCC pro cart … groupid=19
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Thanks for the link, I'll have a look.

My site is it's built in WP ecommerce, which is a good bit of software when you are starting out but it's got to the stage now where I need something more robust and flexible. I want to keep the same look as I've got now just a better admin system.

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