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Be gentle with me. When I could see (30 years ago now,) I made an Apple IIE talk to a Cray XMP48 (sometime in the mid '80s.) So, please use descriptive rather than technical words.:cool:
We are planning a 'Mom' blog and a 'Cooking' blog (and I really want to write about social issues.)
I have HTML Editor, Responsive Content Designer, Web Form Builder, and site mapper, etc.
I have just loaded a trial version of RSD (v3?)
I also downloaded WordPress. I have never liked the feel of WordPress. It just looks like 'everybody else'.

The questions are:
Is RSD a suitable application to build a blog?
I see the SEO features announced as 'coming attraction'. That is critical to a site that is to generate income. How will that feature compare to a WordPress site?
Is there a theme or template in RSD that is designed for designing a blog?

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WordPress is known for blogging, but it is actually a CMS (Content Management System). It works with template(s) to display the page data which exists in a database.

RSD is capable of designing templates, but it doesn't have any backend database. You would need to create and program for your database. For my clients, I generally use RSD to build all of the site except for the blog and then I use WordPress for the blog. Just be careful, because WordPress is the most hacked CMS on the planet even when you keep all the patches updated.

If you'd like to consider a custom CMS, I could probably help you with it. It gives you full freedom to create your site with RSD with a database to serve up the page content. My contact info is below.
I provide personalized help for Coffeecup Users including training for Site Designer and Web Form Builder via Zoom.
Email me at or call 865-687-7698.

Did you know that Web Form Builder can be used for both simple and complicated forms and that it's not limited to the default fonts and buttons? Take a look at a form we developed for … ppingcart/
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Brian: I have learned HTML and formulated my own website ( is awaiting an editing job
that is on hold until I solve the blog question. I've used C.C. for years and trust them implicitly, and am old enough to be aware that Google is a threat to all (who told them they had the intelligence to perfect driver-less cars in a car-culture that depends on such vehicles for their very existence?), and Amazon is nothing but Walmart with pretensions. My wife has just recovered from major surgery and my teaching job ("Art"and often "Art History") has given me a week off with schedule changes, so this seems like a good time to live and learn.
So having time to start a blog--and frankly because, my website is not the right design or the best place for such a publication, where do I begin? I do not trust Wordpress because any time it might be purchased.
So if I start a blog, how do I edit the format, how do I write and edit content, and how do I publish it using C.C. ? If there are instructions on line could you give me their destination?
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Hi, you have a very interesting website - which, I'm afraid, is sorely in need of some redesign! ;)

A blog is not exactly what CoffeeCup has put priority on, but some of the users have been inventive with a normal website builder, like the recent Site Designer, plus the Web Form Builder, and they have managed to make those two programmes speak together, with a database somewhere on a server, so they have succeeded with a blog. I'm unfortunately not one of those inventive folks, but there is a guy, Eric, who may know all about this. Just hang on in here, he is likely to turn up before long.
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