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Hey guys, i'm using Website Insight 2.0, and was wondering what social networks are the best to plug into a website to get more visibility? Do you think FB, Google + are necessary if you have linked in? Hrmm.. suddenly thinking a small business should only have linked in.. wdyt?
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Linkedin is more for professional networking (and job hunting). Can be useful, but don't 'put all your eggs in one basket'.
For the new sales site you've been working on, something like Instagram or Pinterest might be good to show off one of a kind items. You could post photos on FB with short stories about the items; no 'sales-speak', just interesting tid-bits to temp buyers to your site. Same with Google+.
Time to do some research! ;)

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Sounds like running a small business is going to be worth it though!

Pinterest would probably be my route then, i'll create an account and learn my way around.. Instagram isn't an option for me lol.

As far as FB goes I just post music and stuff, don't really chat to people anymore ..

Thanks PB! I'll take your advice and begin researching :)
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UncleMap wrote:
As far as FB goes I just post music and stuff, don't really chat to people anymore ..

You are confusing having a personal FB account with creating a FB page for your business.
They might be part of the same account but they are two completely different resources.

You should have a FaceBook page setup for your business. You can use the built-in utility to connect it to your LinkedIn account so your posts can show up in both places. Take advantage of all the LinkedIn resources, you may only have your personal profile setup when you should have a business profile and business page setup too.

Running a small business means you absolutely need a Google+ account. Google has been shifting all of the business related profile pages (Google Local, Maps, Google+ Pages, etc) to Google+ for Business. This puts your business listing on Google Maps and improves category search results for your business. The Google+ account can be linked to LinkedIn and Facebook to share posts.

You'll discover that Google+ posts will show up nearly instantly in search results. Having those resources sharing data will help promote your business.

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