Norton threat flag on update --...

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:| Bought and downloaded (tried) the latest Website Insight...
Norton flags it with containing a "threat" --- WS.Reputation.1 --- then it deletes the file to prevent install.
Says it has a "low reputation" score because it's apparently not being used by a lot of people so it doesn't recognize it as other than a threat.
??? Do I just wait a week or two for more people to buy it and upload it??
Frustrated, but patient!
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Why Norton considers that a threat is beyond me. They should only be scanning for viruses and not some arbitrary thing like "reputation".

I would uninstall Norton if you are asking for advice. ;)
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No, don't uninstall. I use Norton all the time. There is no threat. Norton is just looking at the filename and flagging it as a low risk because not many users have registered it with them. Of course, each new version that comes out has a different filename so Coffeecup programs will never be highly ranked by Norton.

You can do 1 of 3 things.

Just hit the 'Install Anyway' button and press on. Coffeecup will not pass a virus, it would kill their stellar reputation.

Or you can find out how to add Coffeecup to your list of exemptions so it never flags a Coffeecup program.

Or you can go to your settings, Web, and turn off the 'Download Insight' option. This is what is actually flagging the programs as risky because no one has registered them. This is what I did. Works great. :cool:
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Thanks Gunsmoke -- that's what I'll do...I've got a ton of Coffee Cup stuff and love it. I'll just temporarily disable that part of Norton, install then re-enable....
Uninstalling is a stupid suggestion
Thanks again!!
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"Uninstalling is a stupid suggestion "

Probably gonna start a war, but I agree with Scott -- it is not a stupid suggestion.

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