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This site is very neat and I wondered if I can make this effect in VSD, making the words scroll over a background? Thanks for looking.


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Hi Sarah,

That effect is a Microsoft front page trick. You must be viewing the web page in Interntet Explorer, because it does not work in FF or Netscape. It also loads slowly in those browsers and the background image repeats every few inches of screen.
There are ways to duplicate this using .css (Cascading Style Sheet), but I don't feel it's worth it because support is limited.
I don't think you can do this in VSD reliably.
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Hi Sarah,

Yes, you can do this in VSD.

Insert your background image either when you set up your page, or through your Page Inspector Window (Page window)

Then go to 'Edit' on the Tool Bar and then to "Edit Header"
In that window, click on the Tab: "header HTML" and put this:

<style type="text/css">
background: url("crown.jpg");
background-repeat: repeat-y repeat-x;
background-attachment: fixed;

Note: change the image file name to your file name.

Be sure to add your image to the File List by going to Settings/Add Files.
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The way the fixed background picture is coded on the page you showed us, it would only work when viewing with Internet explorer, as Cliff says. But if you use the CSS that Darce Jean mentions, it will work also when viewed with FireFox.

Here is a small example: http://www.coffeecuphelp.com/inger/
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Thank you all for your quick and very helpful advice. I am slow at learning, but tomorrow I will try these suggestions to see if I can do this. It is such fun to experiment with Coffeecup programs and create beautiful things. I do appreciate your help and am so glad that the church who gave me the software chose CoffeeCup. Sarah

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