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Hi Everybody,

I have a complete set of CoffeeCup (too many) software installed in my computer. I have built my first experimental website from a template of the Visual Site Designer and pretty satisfied with the result. However I felt it is a product of Visual Site designer but not mine. I also don’t know how to incorporate other CoffeeCup’s gadget software.

Now I want to build a second one without using template in order to have full flexibility to incorporate other CoffeeCup software such as jukebox, calendar, webcam etc.

Which CoffeeCup software do you recommend to start with it?
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You started with the right one, Visual Site Designer. You can use it without a template and build your own design. I don't use it much, but I always thought you could add things like the calendar or forms with the program. Hopefully someone else with more visual site designer experience will be able to help you out.

The next logical step is to use the CoffeCup HTML program. You will need to learn a little about web page design, HTML, Cascading Style Sheets are also a help. There are a lot of tutorials available on-line from the coffeecup website to help with most basics.

Good Luck,
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