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Im sure this is covered somewhere but I couldnt find it. But needed to know if or how I change the Unique ID name of a page, Im using a template website and I changed the links name and the page name but I wanted to change the name that shows in the browser window. Thanks in advance, and excuse my ignorance on the matter.

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I hope I am understanding you correctly: The name in the browser window (by which I think you mean the title at the very top of the browser) has no relation to the name of the file document - per se. At any rate, all you have to do is add whatever name you want in between the title tags "

<title>Put here anything you want.</title>

The title tag is located in the header of your html code (towards the top). This is what displays in your browser window. Let me know if I missed your question.
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Hi Robert, are you referring to frames and targeting links to a particular frame of choice or something like that?

We'll gladly assist if you don't mind elaborating further like which part of the browser window did you wish to see the name change?
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