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I would like to find out how to get my web page out there for everyone to see How can you do it ??:o:o
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Most likely your Internet Service Provider offers each account a certain amount of web space for personal pages. What service are you using? Either you or one of us could find instructions on how to upload your files to the personal space, if it's provided. Also, there's a lot of free services offering a place to send your pages, but they almost always require banners or popups for advertising to be present on your site.
Some of the freebies require the files to be sent through their websites, which can be more or less difficult, depending on if you want to send your pages with Coffeecup's built in FTP functions.
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I would like to find out how to get my web page out there for everyone to see How can you do it ??:o:o

You could also take the pay for it route!

I know,I know, money, money, money. However, for a very small sum these days, you can buy your own domain name. like having your own number plate ACE 1 or whatever. Then buy some web space from a Hosting compnay. For less than £50 a year (I suppose $100 US) you can have your own domain name, lots of web space and things like PHP which allow you to have bells and whistles on your web site.

Having your own domain name means you are more easily seen in the wilds of cyber space because you are easier to remember. Think about it, if you web site address was no one would remember that or even find you, but if you had then that is easy to remember.

Then you could submit your site toi search engines and get yourself listed. Google, Yahoo and the like. Pretty easy to do, but it can take some time.

Just a few thoughts

Mark Loves CoffeeCup

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