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How about asking Scott, for a trial version of S drive, I think its due to go live in near future and for a total newbie it is amazingly easy, ( i am beta testing it )

And it includes hosting, (for vsd ) just need a url

Try for domains at best possible price

And i am sure CC team will help with instaling it for you.

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thanks for the link Viv, I'll keep that handy for future reference also. I use which has similar pricing and definitely cheaper in the long run than the expensive GoDaddy is lately.
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Thanks everyone for answering and for Gary in asking the question that I needed to get answered today :)

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how do i publish a site via dreamweaver?
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Go to the Dreamweaver web site and ask them :D

If you want to know how to publish a CoffeeCup web site, we can gladly help you with that! :cool:
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Where are you trying to publish it? Your own server or S-Drive? If S-Drive someone should be able to help you then. If you are publishing to your own server.. well why are you asking here? *refers then to Gunsmoke's post*
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Graemed wrote:
how do i publish a site via dreamweaver?

Graemed, which application are you trying to implement into your Dreamweaver site? Or are you trying to use direct ftp maybe. A little more info will help us help you.:)
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How do you get your Doman on the S-drive? I got the Doman name from coffee cup website
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If you have your domain already, and if you are using a Coffeecup site builder, like Site Designer or HTML Editor, they have built-in FTP clients.
In Site Designer you first have to fill in your settings In Settings -> Publish, and then, when you are ready to go live, you click 'Publish', the 4th icon from the top right in the app.
If you are using the HTML Editor, look for 'Sync with S-drive' under the 'My Websites' menu item. There you also need to fill in your user details first.
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See There is a Steps to create your unique Website

1. Secure your domain name and website host
2. Learn how to put your website together
3. Hire a designer for your branding and logo (or create your own)
4. Write content for each of the absolutely necessary pages on your site
6. Set up your email service
7. Put it all together and GO LIVE!


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