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Could someone please help. I am using Applet Effects Factory. And I am terribly fond of the Image Layer Effect. Is it possible to have a a word with Image Layer effect overlapping a nNON-Moving word For example ---

1. NON-Moving word "Blueprint"
2. Image Layer Effect word "Educational Sevices P/L"

So there is this constant background word Blueprint and the words "Educational Sevices P/L" wraps around this word constantly?

I would appreciate any assistance with regards to the above matter.

Thank you.
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The Effects Factory has been taken off the programme list for quite a while, so you'll have to hope for someone to pop in who has been here long enough to remember it. I've only been here for three years...
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This site was made before we were able to create components through the app:
Component sharing for RFF, RBB, RSD and SD: https://eikweb.com/sharing/
My work in progress right now:
Components for the same as above + HTML Editor: https://mock-up.coffeecup.com

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