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I created a webpage using VSD 3.0. When I view it with IE6.0 or Netscape or Firefox, it displays correctly. However, when I view it using MSN Explorer, all the lines are getting truncated, and moved down one line overlapping the line of text that is already there. I work for an advertising agency who employs several website designers. I asked them about this problem and they suggested something called a "browser sniffer". This browser sniffer is supposed to be able to determine which type of browser is being used to view my webpage, and make the required changes on the fly to the page so regardless of what browser is used, the page is displayed correctly. Does anyone have any information regarding this? Is there any HTML code I can insert into my webpage that will do this for me? Is there any other way I can make sure that no matter what browser is used to view the page, it looks correct? I know Ive view other webpages using all 4 of the browsers I have installed, and they all look correct, so it must be possibvle, Im just not savvy enough with website cuilding to figure out how to make it work. The website address is:


Thank you in advance for any help you can offer. I emailed Coffeecup tech support, and I was told that I need to use my arrows to move things very gradually, and keep checking it with all the browsers to make sure it looks correct, but there has to be a more efficient way of taking care of this problem.
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If it look correct in IE & Firefox, and then you make adjustments for MSN Explorer, it would throw off how it looks in IE & Firefox. I'd have to say it's MSN Explorer's problem and not yours if it doesn't interpret the standard coding correctly. Maybe slap a "Best viewed with IE & Firefox" disclaimer. I know, it's not a real answer.
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Adam is right here. If it views as you want it to in both IE and Firefox, then don't worry too much about MSN. It may well be worth also trying a few more browsers such as Opera etc. If they all show things the same and it is just MSN, kick it out the door.

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