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What is the difference between saving a file as a *.fire and a *.swf file?
In the File menu, there are these 2 options and I was wondering what the diff is.
I had a problem retrieving a file and had to start over and recreate my index page. :( It was not in the directory (desktop) that I thought I had saved it in.

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The .swf file is a flash file that you embed in html pages using the supplied html code.

The .fire file is the Firestarter file that you can save to open and edit the file in the future using Firestarter.
CoffeeCup... Yeah, they are the best!
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Thanks Tom...
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Yeah, I'd always save it as a .fire either way so you can go back to edit it later. Otherwise, you're stuck with the finalized .swf which you can't edit.
I'm fairly certain saving the .fire also generates the .swf, so I'm not quite sure why there's even the option to save the .swf alone.

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