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I'm working for someone setting up a shop with 3dCart shopping cart software. The server where the development shop is located is a Windows server, and it's the first time I deal with that.
BUT: it turns out that the owner has not agreed any hosting with that 3dCart company, and he wants to have the shop go live today!!!
He has an existing shop on Dreamhost, but that is a co-location with another shop (other owner), and he has to move away from there. But if he goes for Dreamhost, they use Apache servers AFAIK. Will that be a problem with the lot of .asp files in this shop?
Then the 3dCart has an unfamiliar (to me) way of making redirects. It is done in the software, not in any .htaccess file, and the support from 3dCart cannot agree on how to do it (with or without full URL or with temporary code bits appended).

I really feel I'm in deep water here. I don't even know what questions to ask. My hope it to chance upon someone who has some experience with 3dCart, who is able to help me through this. The 3dCart support is slow and partly unavailable (working from home), and their forum seems to have had no activity since 2018....
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