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I am considering CoffeeCup HTML Editor 2008 for my new web authoring software. I have used MS Front Page in the past, but with the upgrade to Vista and a new website on the way, I am looking for something new.

I like the ability to go back and forth between html and wysiwyg and I know CoffeeCup offers that feature. Although I don't know much HTML, it was so convenient to be able to jump back and forth to fix the little things in HTML when it didn't work otherwise.

Although I don't know the full benefits of it yet, I think I'm sold on a CSS editor since it sounds like it will be easier and more convenient. I know CoffeeCup has this, as well, although I've found some of the other similar priced programs do not.

I don't know if I need PHP, or AJAX capabilities, or a validator. Any insight on these features would be welcome.

I looked at the MS Expression Web Designer which I've read is a dramatic improvement over Front Page. I've also scanned information on HotDog, SiteSpinner (limited CSS, I think), and a number of others, but I'm not really familiar enough with all the web authoring lingo to know if these programs are offering all I need/want.

Can you share the benefits of CoffeeCup over other web authoring programs, as well as the limitations I might face with CoffeeCup vs. Microsoft Expression Web Designer and others?

I saw that CoffeeCup has limited merchant features, and while that won't be a part of my intial site, it may be in the near future... although probably not with full merchant capabilities... but I may want the option to use paypal's shopping cart or something similar.

Any ideas you could share on the pros and cons of CoffeeCup HTML editor 2008 vs other programs would be appreciated.

Thanks so much!

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You are probably in the wrong place to get an unbiased opinion, since 'most everybody here likes and uses CoffeeCup. Why? Because it has most of the features that we need, and because although it has its problems the support community is very willing to lend a hand.
I am not familiar with Microsoft Expression but if my experience is useful, using it will lock you into ASP and the .NET framework and will not have any built in help for php or any other framework. Also cross browser compatibility might be a problem because for Microsoft there are no other browsers except Explorer.
What I think is that there are no perfect solutions. Any program that you select will eventually lack something that you want that another program has. The question is if you can live or not without it and what you will have to give up if you switch.

My advise is: download CoffeeCup and give it a try. I think you'll like it, but if you don't you can always go to the Dark Side of The Force.


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Oh, and IMHO I thing that ANYTHING would be a dramatic improvement over Frontpage, so I wouldn't use that as a parameter.


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Sparkle, HotDog was my editor of choice before CoffeeCup but be aware that there's been no activity on it for over 3 years. It seems dead

The closest editor to FrontPage imo is Netobjects Fusion. And like FP it's an authoring suite which makes it very difficult to code using another editor. It can only produce code to HTML 4.01 which means it's well behind what you can do in CC HTML Editor.

CC HTML Editor 2008 is improving in leaps and bounds and has the benefit of a business and coding team who seem to listen to the customer and the community.

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Like Rafael said, download the trial first before shelling out the dough. If you have or plan to have any paid-for web hosting, there's often services included that may have some merchant-related scripts/services. CoffeeCup has a shopping cart program in the works right now that I do believe will be tied to Paypal (very much looking forward to see that one).

I'm sure there's pros and cons to each app, but usually the biggest issue is adjusting from what you're used to. I have FrontPage, Expression Web & CoffeeCup's editors and sometimes hop back and forth, depending on the project/scenario. I'm not trying to turn this into a sales pitch, but I can tell you having "free upgrades for life" definitely isn't in Micro$oft's list of features. I think it may even be the opposite. "Buy now for a lot, and spend even more on the next release." :P Everyone has their preference though, so take advantage of the trial download so you don't regret buying anything. Or go all out like I did and order all the apps for a major discount (probably still less than Expression Web alone off the shelf). :D

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i don't think you can go between the visual interface and the coding interface without the editor changing your code. I have heard complaints about this.
CoffeeCup... Yeah, they are the best!

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