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Am I allowed to talk about ColdFusion on this forum? :)

I know very little about ColdFusion.

I have a question: We had a programmer develop a ColdFusion application for us. We stopped using it about a year ago and have decided to go back to it. I have uploaded it to our server (a Coldfusion server). All the .cfm files load no problem for the user. But any file ending in .dbm causes a "page cannot be displayed" error.

I have check out macromedia's site and found the following article: … d=tn_18289

I've sent this article off to our hosting company and I am told that this fix will probably solve the problem, but they would want to move with "extreme caution" in making a change like this and would like me to explore any other avenues possible before making the change.

So my question(s) is this:
1 - Can somebody explain to me (in non-techy language) what the error is, what is the purpose of a .dbm file and why this application won't run properly.
2 - Why does the host want to move with "extreme caution" before making a change like this?

Thanks so much for your help!
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Because your files are using an older outdated format, the newer versions of CF won't recognize them on a Windows server.

If your host reconfigures the files as acceptable pages, other things may break in your application also.

Your best bet is to get a CF programmer to update these pages from dbm to cfm pages.

This should not take long as CF can read and convert the pages fairly quickly.


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