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Does anybody know where -

1) I can find an astronomy related web page template - ie. where the front page has an astronomy theme. I have done a search over the internet, without much luck.

2) I can find a list of web page colours - Where the colour on a page is graduated - say from light blue at the top to dark blue at the bottom.
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Here is the answer to item one. I just googled "astronomy html template" and turned up several, and checked this one to be sure:

For your second question, check here:

There is no color that is a graduated color. To produce a graduated color on your site, you will start with a graphic that is small but graduated. Some use a graduated graphic that is very wide but only a couple of pixels tall, or very tall and only a couple of pixels wide. Then you use the repeat command to finish out the background.

On one of my sites, I used a graduated graphic that is 258x200, and repeated it across the page over a background that matched the bottom of the graphic. That gives the illusion of starting with a dark color at the top, fading to a light color that goes all the way to the bottom of the page.

Hope this gives you some ideas on graduated graphics.
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Thanks for your reply, gives me food for thought.

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