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peculiarsound wrote:
Mark Searson wrote:
I just had a check of your images and I would say that while you may be able to squeeze a k here and there, they are more than fine. Just go check out other stores image sizes to get a real idea of what you should be aiming at. I guess (had a look, not so much of a guess), that your sizes are fine.


Mark, thanks for taking time to look at my site. Much appreciated. I'd say we're there for size, and as Janys put it - weight. Must admit I'd not heard that term. So for now, it's ever onward!! Which ..... brings me back (onward?) to Could sure use some help there. :)


Saw the post, and here I am stuck! Some of the other guys are really good on scripts and stuff..........
This one is outside my field of knowledge I'm afraid.
Hope you can get it sorted............nothing in the dynamic drive site of any help?
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Hi Ken,

Please see your other post. I am no javascript guru, but maybe what I have done will help. These basically cycle the html code along with image maps. You should be able to define the maps to be specific to the images, etc. However, these are bothe limited to a degree as it will be tedious to create as the code has to be replicated for each new image and subsequent maps!


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