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I have recently launched a new single-page responsive website where I am now at the point of considering adding a blog. However, before doing do so, I am wondering if I should create a separate website page for my blog in which event I would essentially have a 2-page website or should I just add/include the blog content on my existing one-page website in which event adding a 'Blog' menu item to my navigation bar takes the visitor to a separate HTML page in the first instance and essentially remains/scrolls down to the blog content in the 2nd? While I am leaning toward the separate page option, I'm still unsure if any one method is better than the other. What say you? Thank you ahead of time. FYI, I use HTML Editor (paid version 16.1, build 808) for all my website needs.
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If your blog will have frequent updates with new blog posts, a 2nd page would be the best, I think.

Having the blog with lots of posts on the front page would make the page longer and thus make the loading time also longer.
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