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Awesome! I appreciate it. I also have a tech support ticket in, and I should be receiving a call from them any minute now. Hopefully we can get it all worked out sooner than later!

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I haven't forgotten about ya there Jared... I spent the better part of the last two days becoming familiar with the program and instructions. I should be able to play around with it more tomorrow, and hopefully will have some help for you soon (if you haven't already found the answer).
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you shouldn't have to do anything with an index.html file to make this work. I created a private folder on my site that holds nothing but things for my mom to download since we're 1100 miles apart the only way for me to get things I make for her to her is to let her download them sometimes so this seemed like a great place to try out the WAM program.

I didn't put any special files in it, just created a directory, uploaded the files and graphics for her to get to and then created her an account in WAM and that was it. I tested it out a little after I made it and it worked just fine from what I saw.

One thing you may want to check is whether or not you put the setting for redirection back to your home page if access is not correctly entered, etc. Also what browser are you trying this in? I use FF and had no problem, but I didn't try with IE which I'll have to do I suppose. The reason I ask is to be sure you don't have script blockers etc. running that may be getting in the way too.

Having said all that I guess a link to the private page would be good if you don't have anything really private on it yet that is so we can see what it's doing?

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