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Website Access Manager did exactly what it supposes to do. It's very convenient and we are using it right now but there is a major problem with it when importing data from a Comma Delimited file.
First We had to figure out how to setup such a file. In the manual PDF we saw things like this;
“Scott “”Scooter””Swedorski,,Jr.”,”Mr.”,”sswedo”,”YIcALjoS315”,””,,,,,”Atlanta”,”Georgia”,,,,,”English”,,”Administrator.s#DGive full access to all folders.”
Now, how can we transfer our data, for instance from a Excel file, in to such a format. It's almost impossible. Yes we found a way. Inserting columns exactly following the field instructions from 1 up to field 18. (See page 17 and 18 of the PDF file webaccessmanual.pdf)

Yes we did export the file in CSV format in to Notepath. After that we searched for ; and replaced it with an ". Before each line we inserted an extra ". And after that it was ready to import the data from it.

From now on, we could fill in our data in the columns. Finally everything worked well until we had to change some field and tried to import the whole data again. Then it went wrong. All fields where imported again. That's no solution. That's bullsh.......
Why not making a way to import the fields as being given by Excel in the CSV file without having to make such changements. Why not a way to exclude importing double usernames? I can't figure out why you make such a convenient product and make such a mess when it comes to importing data from another file or without a proper implementation from a solid and common format. If it has to be CSV, why not the way Excel give us and why not exclude double usernames to provide a import of the same user twice or more.
This whole CSV import option really sucks.
Everyone has a database already in some way or another. Please take that in mind when implementing new features. Now we have to set it up by hand only using a few fields. Even when we have all data in an Excel sheet. Only using name, username and password now. All other fields are still be left blanc because of the fact that we can't rely on it as meant and it's crazy to have the same data in a several files at the same time.

Conclusion; Great product but inmplementation of data really sucks.
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As you mentioned here, there are probably a hundred different ways users can have their data stored. With that in mind, we made it very easy to import users into access manager using a universal format with extremely well documented instructions. There are over 20 possible fields you can import. While the database that we use internally may not match up to yours, you should be able to very easily export your information to it.

When adding new features or expanding on existing ones, what one person may find important, I can find 2 others who think the opposite. We do our best to fit the needs of the majority and making complicated tasks easy.

I do appreciate you voicing your opinion ;)

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