Your form could not be submitted ...

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This is what i get when i submit my form :

Your form could not be submitted for the following reason(s):
•Failed to send an email to "".
•Failed to send an email to "".

Both thoses address are valid and i am using other web forms with those settings and dont have any

Link :

Please help

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Is this a different host?
I can't hear what I'm looking at.
It's easy to overlook something you're not looking for.

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No, same host. 1and1 internet. Same host i use with all my websites.

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Please see … g-reasons/ for instructions on how to fix that Jason.
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Got it working, i just deleted everything from my ftp and reloaded .. seems to be working fine now. Thanks for your help.
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Okay boys and girls.. I've been on this all day...

Same issue as described above. I've tried every possible configuration. The "To" field is a valid domain email address . The "From" field is a valid domain email address. Error says cannot send to......" Changed the "To" field to gmail address. No change to "From" same error.
Changed to domain email and nothing in From... Same error.

Can't think of anything else. The form is on
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Hey Cindy, I just read over Scotts post above. The last 2 lines are interesting...
Note: Some hosting providers will only process notification emails if you're using an email address they provide. If you're unsure of what this email address is, contact your web hosting provider.

So My question is, in the 'From' box, did you enter an email from the host that your web site is with? Or a different email? Did you test it with one from the host? What host are you with?
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Yes...both are domain emails. I have tried it all kinds of ways.. It's weird. On some forms I have, the To email is not a domain email..and it works.. On others it's a domain email and it works. On this one, nothing.

The domain is Both the TO and FROM are valid domain emails. I've tried it without a From as well.

The hosting server is one I have used for over 10 years.. and all my sites are hosted there...over 100 something. In fact an issue I was having on another site with the form had to do with the reply to...that form works perfectly now..and it is using a domain email.

The difference in this one is the domain name... and it's a much bigger form. Set up was exactly the same

Am using Windows 7, have the latest version of the software

I'm clueless....
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Any Ideas? Anyone? It's weird. I created a new form on another domain and it worked fine.. Did all that I usually did.
Now...back to this same domain. . She informs me that the current contact form (which was working fine before) is no longer working. I check it...has wrong email address in it from old domain. I change that email addy only. Reupload and I STILL get the same error. "Your form could not be submitted...." and the email is valid.

Only changes since trying to figure this out...Gave a name to the form... set the time zone...removed my BCC email. Same problem.

I about to give up and use something different. Please dont make me! :) Could it be the domain? The hosting server is the same as I use for other sites...with no issues.. x 10+ years. Could it be they use Exchange for email? I have no idea where to look next
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Hiya Cindy,

I suggest since it's been over a week since your last post that you open a ticket with support rather than asking on the forums here as this is user to user help rather than actual CC support. They may be able to give you assistance on this as I'm assuming after all this time that no one has an answer for you on the forums. Good luck on it and let us know what they come up with to fix you up :)

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