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I'm curious to know if there's an actual reason for the limitation of fields rather than letting us set our own limits? Things like:

Number field - why can't we have a 50 char field that we can tell it how many numbers to use? Is there some reason that this isn't possible to do? I want to be able to say:
Add a Number field
Check the options for the field and tell it I want it to contain 28 chars or 35 or 50 etc. (50 is an exaggeration but hopefully you get the idea).

Upload sizes - Why is there an 8mb limit on the upload size? 8mb is like nothing these days lol, but for the most part I'm just wondering why there's any kind of hard coded limits. Shouldn't we be able to set our own limits on what we are willing to accept for uploads on our servers?

Just curious as I have no idea if there are actual reasons for these limitations that we're unaware of and I'm sure I'm not the only one that would love to know what those limitations are about.

Thanks for the great program :)
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There is AWLAYS a reason for everything Jo Ann ;)

If you say why not 50, then why not 100, 1000 or 2000? There always has to be a limit to something. We decided to start with 10 digits. The more freedom you want, the more checks and balances have to be put in place to account for all the strange things a customer may want to do without knowing why they shouldn't. ;)

For File Uploads, about 99% of the hosting servers have a maximum file post size (not upload size) of around 8mb per file. It is not the software that determines the what this size can be, it is the hosting provider. I checked all the major providers out there (Yahoo, Godaddy, 1&1, Tilted, Network Solutions) and all were set at 8mb or lower.

So there you have it. ;)
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Ahhh ok thanks, that explains a lot.... guess we'll have to wait for the update that will give us more numbers then, am hoping for at least 25 as I'm thinking some others are too, but that does help to know why the limits are there, especially on the uploads, I wasn't aware of that even.

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