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Exported a form to a web folder on my hard drive (which will ultimately be FTP'ed to hosting site) and when I fill out the form in browser and hit submit I get the strange code below. It's supposed to redirect to a (currently non-existent) Thank You page on same hosting site. Is this just happening because it's now still just sitting on my hard drive and will work correctly once it's installed on a proper host with PHP on board?


$scriptpath = substr( $_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME'], 0, -4 );
$paths = explode ( DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR , $scriptpath );
$myName = end($paths);
require $scriptpath . '/fbapp/php/';

if( strtoupper( $_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] ) == 'POST' ) {

include 'fbapp/php/formcontroller.cls.php';

$ctl = new FormController( $myPage );

} else {

if( ! isset( $_GET['confirmation'] ) ) $myPage->ReportStats( 'NotifyFormView' );


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You can't test the submit button on your local pc. Because of the PHP it needs to be tested on the server after upload.:)
I can't hear what I'm looking at.
It's easy to overlook something you're not looking for.

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Great. Kind of as I expected but it's good to get corroboration. Thanks for the quick response.
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You could install Wamp (Free) that gives you a server on your computer and a mysql database option. I use it to test my php with. Without that Eric is right it needs a server to run.

Only thing it uses Local host and the addresses will have to suit the folders on your computer where you have your website ie C:\wamp\www\yoursite\ (backslashes have to change to forward slashes when uploaded I have found).

I have not set it up or tried it but apparently you can also send emails and go live and host your own site.
Have your computer on 24/7 ???
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