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I have an odd problem that started up this week. I have 5 forms on my website that were designed with the same email to and from addresses. Up until this week they worked fine and emails were forwarded to my gmail account. All of a sudden I am not getting emails no matter if I change the send to addresses to other email accounts I have with godaddy.

What even odder is that I have one form with the same to and from email addresses as the other 5 and that one works perfectly.
I also have 2 other websites that have webforms on them and they work fine. Its just this particular set of 5 similar forms that I designed.
Spent an hour or more with Godaddy and they said they did a complete reset and that they should work. Not!

Any ideas? I would hate to have to recreate all the forms again if there is an easier way.
Thanks in advance!
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Unfortunately when hosting with Godaddy, issues like this are pretty common place. For no rhyme or reason, email will just suddenly stop arriving even when no changes have been made. Then for no apparent reason, it will just start working. It is a quite a frustrating experience and we have also tried to bring this up with Godaddy support many times, but we just run into obstacles with their support as they provide no help with custom scripts. Unfortunately, because we cannot control their servers, there is little we can do here.

There are a few things you can try that sometimes fixes things:

1. Go to Settings > Notification tab and change the From: Field to the name of your E-Mail element in the form. To find this name click on the E-Mail element in your form and click the properties tab. Take note of the Name element. This is what you need to enter into the From field. You want to place it in brackets like this [email1]. Your setup looks like this:


2. Check your SPAM folder. Sometimes emails can get trapped there.

3. Try using different email address under the Settings > Notification tab. Use Gmail, Yahoo, MSN etc.

4. Use S-Drive or find another hosting provider for just your forms.

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Hi Scott, thanks for the info. I've tried your suggestions with no luck.

How can I upload a form to my S-drive account? I have the free 1 form account and when I try to publish it says that I need to remove a form. Yet, when I go to the account it says there aren't any forms. Confused? How can I get this resolved?
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Mark, I don't work for Coffeecup, and I don't receive anything for making this recommendation (though I hope they will provide me with a good cup of coffee when I finally get to visit their office).

I did a site for a client and it had the same site. It hosts on GoDaddy. You can still use GoDaddy hosting, but host your forms on Coffeecup's S-Drive which will solve your problem.

Get one of their hosting plans based on the number of forms that you need. In your WFB settings for each form, enter your Coffeecup login info. Instead of exporting your forms, click the Publish button. Once the form is "published" to your S-Drive account, it will pop up the code to use on your web site. Just put that code in an HTML element (RSD, RFF, RBB) or on the page with your HTML editor. It will work every time.

And, by the way, you will be able to log into your Coffeecup account and see all the users who have submitted information via your form. It's a nice little data backup as well as stats.
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Hi Brian, I have about 20 forms on my multiple sites so it wouldn't be in my budget to go that route. I would love to test one of the 5 forms that I am having trouble with on S-Drive but it keeps telling me there is already one there, but there is none. So this prevents me from even testing
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GoDaddy is well-known for frequent email problems. They'll even block outbound email from a new domain and new email hosting account using their own servers. I've had them try to blame me for spamming even though I sent out the first couple emails ever, from a new domain and new account. As was mentioned, sometimes you just have to wait a few days and it "magically" gets fixed.

The most important item for you to learn is that ALL GoDaddy hosting has a peculiar hosting setup you won't discover until you really push their higher tier support techs.

All email sent from any GoDaddy hosted website is captured and redirected through a special cluster of SMTP servers. This happens even if you try to use an SMTP plugin to send the email out through an account with a different hosting provider. All of their websites are monitored for traffic on ports 25, 2525, 465 and 587. It doesn't matter what you do, all email traffic on those ports will be redirected, analyzed and then sent out through their own SMTP servers.

It isn't all gloom & doom. There are things you can do to avoid many GoDaddy email related problems.

One foolproof method has already been mentioned, you can simply host your form(s) on S-drive or another host.

Most sites can simply use a FROM email address that uses the same domain as the website, even if email isn't hosted at GoDaddy. While this seems logical, many webmasters don't consider it a problem or they have a reason for using a different domain. Yes, there are still times when GoDaddy blocks outbound email without giving an explanation.

If you don't have email setup for the domain, you can also try using one of the "free" mailboxes or forwarders offered by GoDaddy with many of their hosting plans and product purchases. The email address can match the domain and simply forward to your preferred email address(es).

When crafting the recipients try not to add multiple CC or BCC addresses. That can also trigger the GoDaddy filtering. When I need multiple recipients, I simply use an alias/forwarder address to deliver to multiple recipients. That limits the distribution to my email server rather than trigger GoDaddy filtering.

I haven't looked at Web Form Builder v2.9. I'm hoping a future release will include the ability to use the REST API for MailGun, Google, Outlook and SendGrid to send email in addition to MailChimp. Even if offered as an upgrade, it would be well worth it.

It is a huge bonus to be able to use a secure REST API to send email without worrying about keeping up with mailbox passwords or losing email to port filtering like the one at GoDaddy.

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