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Gary Christensen wrote:
Having the new version going to the S-Drive isn't cool. If I would have known, I would have not bought the new version and would have stayed with the old version. Not being able to update it like we use to isn't right. I don't think I will use the new version again.

I dunno... Making posts complaining about limitations and saying you'll never use the software again, when you obviously haven't read up on why the release is being done in stages, "isn't cool" in my books. And by the way, you still have the "old version" in your toolbox as it is a separate piece of software - "How cool is that?" ;)
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I love the new CoffeeCup Web Form Builder Lite! I spent hours trying to learn the old form builder. I downloaded the new one, built my form and had it loaded in my website in 15 minutes! Love it!
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Gary, the first time I tried to publish the form I was totally lost. Even with Scott trying to help I was lost. I was so frustrated I actually deleted the form form my site. The next day I sat down and redid it and it was fine. It sounds like you are not getting the settings right. That is where I stumbled until I took my time read what Scott posted for me.

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